Vesta Davis Introduces Enchiladas To Comanche!

Of course, they had quit flapping long before I knew them, but I love this photo of Ella and Vesta Davis!

Of course, they had quit flapping long before I knew them, but I love this photo of Ella and Vesta Davis!

I received a short email recently from my cousin, Lavoy Langley Masters, and it brought back such wonderful memories of my Aunt Vesta Davis that I decided to post for those members of the Davis clan who enjoy such things.

For the rest of you, William Isaac Davis married Mary Swearingin and their daughter, Ella, married Wilmer Langley. Lavoy is the daughter of Ella and Wilmer. The Aunt Vesta to whom I refer was the sister of Ella.

Hi Fredda,

I was reading your recipes and you mentioned you were using Aunt Vesta’s pan. That of course brought back many memories. I spent many nights with them when I was in high school. Mother and Daddy lived a few miles out of town. I did not want to miss anything like basketball games or any other activity that was going on so I stayed with them.

I remember Aunt Vesta introduced me to Mexican food; she had been working in California during the war and returned SMOKING! Mother did not approve…..anyway Aunt Vesta made this strange new dish called enchiladas. She stacked the tortillas and between each layer she put cheese & red sauce with a small amount of onion, and I loved them. She made them often just for me.

It was years later when Ted & I moved to El Paso that I was introduced to rolled enchiladas w/meat. My favorite will always be plain red enchiladas, and it still reminds me of our dear Aunt. She was wonderful, caring, and always made you feel special. I regret not telling her that. I remember someone asking her if she was sorry she never married and she said not really but if she had it to do over, she would sure have children!

It always amazed me how competitive the sisters were about cooking. When each sister brought an ice cream freezer to a gathering they each thought theirs was best; Mother (Ella) said Aunt Vesta’s was too sweet, and thus it would start.

They loved family get togethers; they might fuss among themselves but when they all got together there was much laughter and if someone else did one of them wrong they would close ranks.

Of course Uncle Bill was the youngest and favorite but he was also the one that was often in trouble. We kids loved him because at Christmas he brought fireworks; he was known as the “rich” uncle because of that.

Just thought you might enjoy this ancient history.


How I wish every member of the family would take the time to record memories such as these. Unfortunately, these snippets of fun memories are the ones that are lost every single generation, and that is such a shame.

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