• Was It Bullies Or Simply A Football Game?

    Aledo Bearcats Bullies?

    Dillon Davis is a freshman at Aledo. His freshman team also defeated Western Hills by a tremendous margin.

    Dillon Davis is a freshman at Aledo. His freshman team also defeated Western Hills by a tremendous margin.

    If you’ve been anywhere on the planet this past week, you have to have seen or heard  (multiply times) that the Aledo Bearcats football team stomped the team from Western Hills by a score of 91-0 in their 2013 district matchup. At first  glance of that ridiculous score, I can certainly see why anyone would believe that the Bearcats were nothing short of ruthless.

    To be honest with you, if I were not personally vested in the team and had not happened to have attended that particular game, I might be persuaded to agree with the news reports. However, I do know quite a bit about this team and I was at the game on that Friday night, and I can tell you that had Coach Tim Buchanan not called off the dogs, the Bearcats would have had a final score of 250-0, and that is not even sort of an exaggeration.

    That Aledo is aligned with an unbelievably weak district and that they have to enter playoff season with starters who have yet to see a full game of action is a subject to dissect for sure, but that really isn’t my purpose here. Today, I simply want to look at that word BULLY. The parent who lodged the complaint certainly knew what he was doing because there is not another word in the English language that would have gained him the national media attention he received by calling the Bearcats bullies.

    My friend, Kyle Riley, said it best when he said that the word needs to be saved for real problems. Using the word for a football game “lowers the standards for what [the word] bully really means.”

    I agree 100%. The word bully has become a buzz word in our society, and it is used way, way too often. Maybe adults know what they mean and understand the misuse of the word, but our children do not, and misusing the word allows them to believe that anything bad, difficult, or sad that happens in life is some “BULLY’S” fault. It also makes the charge of bullying impossible for teachers and administrators to sort out when trying to get to the root of what might be a very, very real problem.

    Just as the boy who cried WOLF too often was ignored so will be the students who cry BULLY when, in fact, there is no bully. Sometimes, things just happen, and sometimes…the things that happen are quite simply our own fault.

    Western Hills lost the game because they simply are not the players that the boys from Aledo are. There is no other answer, nor was there a bully in the mix.  Typically, children fail because they do not study…not because their teacher is a bully. For the most part, the people who earn large salaries in this country do so because of brain power and very hard work…not because someone else was mistreated or bullied.

    I will say that the coach from Western Hills has done a great job of defending his opponents. Hopefully, he will also be  able to make his players understand that the word was misused in this instance while explaining what the word bully really means. I would also hope that parents might use this media frenzy as a teaching opportunity to help children really understand exactly what the word bullying does mean and exactly whom they should contact immediately should they find themselves victims of this type of horrible treatment.

    And yes…I would not be honest here if I did not send out a huge GO BEARCATS!!

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