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…to bring you back to the present today where our Ag Business team is the new state champ for the state of Texas!

Here’s how it all came together:

The team competed at the Area competition and received second place behind Stephenville. After qualifying for state, the team studied hours a day to prepare for the state competition. So Thursday, May 3rd, we headed down to Huntsville to prepare for the test the next morning.

Official dress is required for the Farm Business Management competition. The test includes two parts. The first part is 50 written multiple-choice questions, and you are given an hour to complete this section. These questions vary in difficulty and discuss many aspects of the business side of farming.

The second part of the test is also 50 question but they are problem solving and you are given an hour and a half to complete this portion. This part of the test is separated into several problems, each having a few questions to answer. They vary and we do not get to learn which kind of problems it will consist of.

There can be balance sheets, supply and demand charts, time value of money, loans, depreciation, enterprise budget, futures market and many more. May 4th we woke up early for the competition. There were 177 individual competitors and 47 teams. At the awards ceremony, we found out that Taylor Stephens received first place individual honors and that the team had won the whole competition, qualifying them to the national level. Tyler Payne was 14th individually, B.J. Reichmann was 28th, and Colten Jones was 82nd. The team won the competition by 2 points over Midlothian.

The National competition will be in Indianapolis, Indiana in October, so the team will have plenty of time to study and prepare for this much more difficult test.

Mr. O’Quinn has an Ag Business degree from Texas A&M, and is currently working on a masters in Agricultural Education. Mr. Heller has an Animal Science degree from Tarleton State is working on his MBA from Tarleton. Both can relate agriculture and business to help the team succeed at such a high level. Both helped with practices after school, and took the team to several practice competitions before the area competition.

The practices were extremely serious, because eating popcorn and making a tea run to Chicken Express is so important! Tyler Payne is a new addition to Comanche from Bushland, and helped Mr. O’Quinn and Mr. Heller put together a team to compete. He also went to state last year, and his team got 3rd.

Tyler taught the other students everything he knew, and worked to prepare the whole team for the difficult state test. In this contest, individual rankings are not as important as team scores because only teams can advance. At area, five teams can advance to state, but at state only the first place team can advance to nationals.

The Kids did a great job overall!- Vinnie Heller


About Special Series

Blake O’Quinn and Vinnie Heller are both first year teachers at Comanche ISD. Blake is a 2010 Aggie, and Vinnie graduated from Tarleton in 2010, both with Agriculture degrees. “We never know what’s going to happen next here in the Ag shop. One minute we are welding chairs, and the next the phone is ringing with someone needing a pig doctored. We’ve even been asked to build a CHS for the bonfire. We’re the catch all for the community, and we love it!”
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