• Weighing Pakistani Teen Against Texas Lives?

    Photo: Reuters

    A Pakistani fourteen year old shot in the head by the Taliban last week for advocating education for females on her blog has now been moved to England so that she can receive  specialized care there. The Taliban has claimed credit for the shooting and vows that should she recover, the young girl will be killed for speaking her beliefs.

    While the shooting has sparked outrage around the world, I suppose I have to wonder what the world (including Americans) wants done about it. The world (including Americans) is sick of war and what it deems the wasted lives of those who fight. Closer to home, Texans want Texans back on our own dirt, don’t we?

    Of course, one would  hope that the Pakistani government will decide to step up and protect its citizens from these types of attacks; however, as much as I would like to see just that happen, I have serious, serious doubts  that it will.

    So, where are we on this one? Do we care? Do we help? Do we want to risk one more American life on problems that are not our own?

    I don’t know.

    Do I care that a fourteen-year-old kid is fighting for her life right now as I type? Of course I do. Do I think someone should do something about it? Of course I do.

    Do I want my son to be the one to risk his life to save hers and others like her? Of course I…don’t…do…don’t…do…I don’t know…

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