Weldon Causey & Mattie Mae Hicks Causey, Soda Springs Community

Mattie Mae and Weldon

Mattie Mae and Weldon

My family moved into the community of Soda Springs in Comanche County in the 1950s, and that is where I lived during all of my years at home. Of course, that meant that I knew Weldon and Mattie Mae Hicks Causey very well, especially Mattie Mae. My family did not attend worship at the time, and Mattie Mae was one of those dear ladies who saw that I attended the little Sweetwater Baptist Church, located just down the road on, of course, Sweetwater Creek.

How those wonderful ladies did put on a Bible School. At the time, I thought we were just having a wonderful time, but having now taught many Bible Schools myself, I can see how people like Mattie Mae absolutely worked themselves into the ground so that we children could learn and have a good time doing it. I’ve wished so many, many times that I had come to this understanding before it was too late for me to tell them just how much I appreciate them today.

The following genealogical info was given to me by the daughter of Weldon and Mattie Mae, Raye Belle. As a person who has spent many, many years in the stacks doing research, I was bitterly reminded that there were people in my own backyard who could have told me so much if I had only been old enough to realize it. Today, my only tie back to my dear old Mattie Mae is a Native American artifact dug up on the old Causey property. What I would give for just one day to sit down and visit again!

“In 1943 when the Causey’s moved to the farm in the Soda Springs Community, our family moved from Rotan, Texas. Our family consisted of my mother, Mattie Mae, my father, Weldon, my brother, Joe Weldon, and me, Raye Belle.

“Daddy had bought the Bishop place in the Soda Springs Community in 1942. Oh my, what a change! We moved into a log house the Bishops had built in 1878. At the time, several families in the community lived in log houses.

“I went to the Soda Springs school. That was really a change too! Soda Springs had two classrooms, one for first through fifth grade and one for sixth through eighth grade. The ‘big kids’ went to the Sidney school.

“When we consolidated with Comanche, we went to the Comanche schools. What a relief not to have to walk to school every day! We did have lots of fun at Soda Springs, though. The kids played together; it was very interesting. Joe and Loretta went to school in Comanche.

“In July 1949, the ‘stork’ brought Joe and me a baby sister, Loretta Mae. Not long after she was born, Daddy finished building us a new house. How happy we were to have a new house and not live in a log one!

“Some of the ladies in the community gave us a housewarming. My future husband, Herschel Robertson, came to it. We were married in 1952 and lived in Comanche for a while. Then we moved to Odessa. Later, we were transferred to Fort Stockton where he retired. We then moved to Lake Ivie.(?) Herschel passed away in 1999.

“I later married Thomas H. Boone, and he passed away in March 2007 in San Angelo. Joe married Darlene Hightower, and he passed away in 2003. Loretta married Jim Rush. The three of us kids gave Mother and Daddy four grandchildren.

“Mother and Daddy both are buried in the Taylor’s Chapel Cemetery. Herschel and Tom are buried in the Mertzon Cemetery. Joe is buried in Comanche’s Gardens of Memories Cemetery.”

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