• Wendi’s Bacon Wrapped Grilled Vegetables

    hello, “TASTE BUDS” readers, Wendi has been nagging me, telling me: “johnny, this is OUR blog, NOT mine, so you need to BLOG!!!”, so with much thought I have decided to give you an EASY and DELICIOUS grilling dish that I have just started making that she LOVES. but before we get to the recipe, I’m going to give you some of my grilling background.

    Grilling took me many years and a lot of patience to do, but I now feel as though I can hold my own. I NEVER grill without a “smoke packet”, It’s easy to make, and cheap and gives your grilled foods a delicious rich deep smokey flavor.

    here’s how to make it:

    take 2 handfuls of your favorite smoke chips (I always use mesquite or hickory). soak them in water for about 30min, take them out of the water and place them in the center of a piece of tin foil, fold up like a packet and poke holes in it. place on grill, then turn on ur grill and by the time your grill has “burned down” your packet will be smoking!!! now on to this weeks recipe: GRILLED VEGETABLES”


    2 yellow squash

    2 zucchini squash

    1 eggplant

    bacon (any brand and flavor is fine)

    grill seasoning



    wash vegetables, cut squash into fourths, and cut eggplant into smaller strips (eggplant takes longer to cook), wrap each section with bacon, secure with toothpicks and shake grill seasonings on top, bottom and sides of vegetables, place on grill


    grill for about 15 min, turn, 15 min more than just continue cooking until the bacon and vegetables are at desired doneness!!! i hope everyone enjoys these as much as Wendi!!!!

    About Wendi Conway

    Wendi Conway comes from a long line of cooks and her blog is designed to prove that cooking is not as hard as people seem to think it is. “I love to cook, and it is a passion of mine. Johnny also loves to cook, proving that cooking can’t be too hard if even the men can do it! “I also want to share meals and recipes that can be prepared on a budget. It doesn’t matter where I shop because I build my pantry around what is on sale this week. I enjoy doing it for my family, and I am really proud that I can build memories my children will always have.”
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