• Wendi’s easy….YES EASY, yeast rolls!!!

    YEAST ROLLSWi LOVE making homemade bread. it’s something that i have been very blessed to have never had trouble attempting….more times than not, they come out warm, delicious and airy!!! BUT, i do have alot of people that complain about their bread never turning out, it’s either too dense…..heavy…dry…etc.

    well i have found a recipe that i LOVE to use. it doesn’t take long to make (not all day like some other recipes) and it has very simple ingredients….so i changed juuuuuuust a couple of things in it (to make it my own ;) ) and now i’m ready to SHARE!!!!!!


    3 (.25-ounce) packets RAPID RISE instant yeast (this is the 3/pkg)

    1 3/4 cups warm water

    1/2 cup honey

    4 tablespoons sugar

    1/2 cup melted butter, plus more for brushing

    1 teaspoons salt

    2 large eggs, beaten

    4-6 cups all-purpose flour (maybe more if needed)


    in the mixer bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the yeast, sugar and warm water. let activate for apx 5min or until “foamy” or “bubbly”. stir in the honey.

    on low-speed, add 1/2 cup melted butter, salt and eggs. slowly add the flour cup by cup and mix until the dough starts to pull aways from the sides. switch to dough hook attachment and continue until dough ball forms.

    portion the dough into 24 even sized dough balls and place in a greased deep dish pizza pan, or greased cookie sheet.  cover, and let rise about 2o-30 minutes, brush tops with butter, bake in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for apx 20 minutes or until golden brown. brush with melted butter when they come out and ENJOY!!!!!!!


    About Wendi Conway

    Wendi Conway comes from a long line of cooks and her blog is designed to prove that cooking is not as hard as people seem to think it is. “I love to cook, and it is a passion of mine. Johnny also loves to cook, proving that cooking can’t be too hard if even the men can do it! “I also want to share meals and recipes that can be prepared on a budget. It doesn’t matter where I shop because I build my pantry around what is on sale this week. I enjoy doing it for my family, and I am really proud that I can build memories my children will always have.”
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    2 Responses to Wendi’s easy….YES EASY, yeast rolls!!!

    1. Cathy Beaman says:

      These look amazing! I am one of those people who have a problem with bread not turning out the way I want it to. Hopefully, your recipe will change all that! Thanks for sharing! Have you tried to make a loaf out of the dough instead of rolls?…just curious.

    2. Wendi Conway Wendi Conway says:

      they are SO GOOD!!!!! i have not tried making a loaf, BUT my sister made cinnamon rolls out of the dough and it worked great!!! if you want to try a loaf, i would change the baking temperature to 375 and go about 45 min on baking…..insert a long piece of raw spaghetti in the center, and if it feels “airy” when you poke it down, it’s done, if it feels dense in the center on the pasta, cook it a little longer :)

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