• Wendi’s Pickled Okra

    This week I’ve decided to blog about something I’ve RARELY done…..”PICKLEING”!!!!!! we had some okra that friend gave johnny from their garden, and we decided, LET’S GO FOR IT!!!! it turned out to be MUCH easier than we anticipated and it is SUPER YUMMY!!!! I got this recipe from allrecipes and “tweaked” it just a little, and it turned out GREAT!!!! so all you readers out there, scared to try something that all our grandmothers have done for centuries, GO FOR IT!!!!!! here’s my newest FAVORITE recipe and now, it’s yours too!!! ENJOY!!!

    PICKLED OKRA (from allrecipes)

    1-1/2 lbs fresh okra

    6 dried red chile peppers

    3 tsp dried dill seed

    2 cups water

    2 TBSP salt

    1 cup white vinegar


    divide fresh okra evenly between 3 sterile 1 pint jars, place (2) dried red chilies and 1 tsp of dill seed in each jar. in saucepan, combine water, vinegar, and salt, bring to a rolling boil. pour over the ingredients in jars.

    seal in hot water bath for 10min. this recipe states it is ready in 1 hour, but we left overnite and the next evening ate them and they were AMAZING!!!!

    About Wendi Conway

    Wendi Conway comes from a long line of cooks and her blog is designed to prove that cooking is not as hard as people seem to think it is. “I love to cook, and it is a passion of mine. Johnny also loves to cook, proving that cooking can’t be too hard if even the men can do it! “I also want to share meals and recipes that can be prepared on a budget. It doesn’t matter where I shop because I build my pantry around what is on sale this week. I enjoy doing it for my family, and I am really proud that I can build memories my children will always have.”
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    2 Responses to Wendi’s Pickled Okra

    1. Pam says:

      When you say “Hot water bath” do you mean boiling water for 10 minutes?

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