• What Dreams are Made of…

    “Never say never because limits like fears are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan


    Comanche, Texas July Rodeo

    With a strong will, an extreme passion and a whole lot of determination Ryan “Scooby” Fizer is working at making his dreams become his reality. To one day win the World Championship Bullfights in Admore, Oklahoma and have his own stock of top quality bucking bulls. He is working his way up the ranks, he’s watching and studying the bulls, listening to his mentors advice, and working at improving his skill. His heart is in it and when you watch him perform you can tell what a true athlete this young man is and the potential that he has to accomplish what he is setting out to do.

    One of my first memories of Ryan still to this day makes me smile. Ryan told me that he had just fought his first bull and showed me his arm. It was black and blue and looked horrible and I remember looking at his arm and then at his dad with pure disbelief and then at Ryan’s face. The smile that was on this kids face could just melt any heart and was as big as Texas itself and the pure joy and accomplishment that his eyes showed was worth a million bucks. He was the happiest kid in the world and bullfighting was part of who he was going to be.

    Ryan is a good ole country boy raised in Comanche till his family moved to Brownwood where he graduated high school. He knows what hard work is and the kind of sacrifice it takes to go after what you want. He learned from his mom, Wednesday Henry, that hard work does pay off and it will be all worth the blood, sweat and tears. He told me that he has a lot of respect for his mom, who was a single mother raising two kids and going to college to become a doctor, and that he is very thankful for all that she has done for him.

    He also knows the risk in the profession he is choosing because his dad, Ray Talemantez, was a bull fighter for 16 years and did not want him to fight bulls. In fact Ryan said he hid the fact that he was fighting bulls from his dad for over a year.

    When Ray asked him if he was fighting bulls and Ryan told him yes he enrolled him in the top bull fighting school, Lane Frost Memorial Christian Bull Riding/Bullfighting School in Lane, OK. His dad said he didn’t like the fact that he was going to fight bulls but if that was what he was going to do then he needed to learn from the best.


    Ryan “Scooby” Fizer

    Ryan’s idols are Frank Newsom, Ross Hill and Miles Hare. They do a form of bullfighting that’s called Freestyle Bullfighting and that is the style that Ryan favors and wants to perfect.

    When referring to Frank Newsom, who was a partner with his Ryan’s dad, he stated, “Best bull fighter that’s ever put cleats on.”He is inspired by Frank because of all the adversity that he went through and the mistakes he has made along the way.

    From making it to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, to breaking his leg and having to take a year off and start from the bottom again. He said he is just a good guy. Ryan also attended two fighting schools that were given by Miles Hare and Rob Smetts in 2011. He is inspired by Miles Hare for his ability to stay so humble and down to earth even after having such an amazing career and by Ross Hill’s freestyle form when he is fighting bulls.

    When he was a sophomore in high school and said that he wanted to be a bull fighter, no one took him seriously. Each time that someone would blow him off it gave him that much more fight to prove that he was going to be a bull fighter and not only a bull fighter but a darn good one at that. Ryan, “Scooby” as his rodeo family knows him by, turned 20 yrs old this year and still going strong leaving his mark in the rodeo world. He has been fighting bulls now for four years and is working on obtaining his PRCA Card. He said he has two quotes that are very important to him and in the way he thinks and lives his life. One being the quote at the beginning of this article and the other…

    “Winning isn’t everything wanting to win is.” -Vince Lombardi.

    Not bad choices to use as guidelines in living your life and making those dreams come true.



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