• What Foods Made The Lowest In Pesticides List?

    ONIONThis week we bring you both the dirtiest (translated, the most pesticide) and the cleanest (translated, the least pesticide) fruits and vegetables.

    Although I use a homemade veggie wash on all fruits and vegetables, it is especially important for those on the dirty list.

    Those listed below contain the least amount of pesticide residue.

    Foods On The Cleaner List

    1. Onions

    2. Sweet Corn

    3. Pineapples

    4. Avocado

    5. Cabbage

    6. Sweet peas

    7. Asparagus

    8. Mangoes

    9. Eggplant

    10. Kiwi

    11. Cantaloupe – domestic

    12. Sweet potatoes

    13. Grapefruit

    14. Watermelon

    15. Mushrooms

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