• What Professional Football Player Was Almost Aborted?

    COMANCHE INDIAN FOOTBALLWe have a new minister. He just moved to Texas from Arkansas this past week, and two of his Arkie friends helped drive the vans that were moving the family things. Upon meeting these friends, the subject turned to football (what else) as they commented on the fact that they had always heard  of how seriously Texas takes its football and how from the size of the high school stadiums they had seen on the trip, they now knew it was a fact!

    “We saw some high school stadiums, and we said, ‘Man! It must be true!’ There isn’t a stadium in the state of Arkansas except for the University of Arkansas that can equal the stadiums we’ve seen in Texas!”

    Well, one thing led to another, finally leading into Pam’s and Bob’s story.* It’s one that I think is worth the telling.

    Pam and Bob were missionaries in the Philippines some years ago. They had four children, but they really wanted a fifth. Then, Pam became very ill. It was finally determined that she had contracted amoebic dysentery, which is actually an infection of the intestines caused by parasites. Usually, the culprit is contaminated water or food.

    Pam became so ill that she finally lapsed into a coma before finally responding to strong antibiotic treatment. About the time that everyone began to breathe easier about her recovery, it was discovered that Pam’s prayers had been answered. She was pregnant.

    Of course, the doctors told her she must abort, that there was no possibility that the fever, the meds, etc. had not caused sever problems for her baby. Pam refused in no uncertain terms, citing her Christian beliefs.

    It wasn’t easy. Four different times Pam almost lost the baby. Each time she remembered the promise she and Bob had made to God. “If you will give us a son, we will name him Timothy, and he will be a preacher.” I’m sure Pam held onto this promise those last two months of her pregnancy as she was forced to remain in bed.

    Then, on August 4, 1987, Pam delivered a healthy baby boy. The couple named him Timothy, and they brought him up to become a preacher.

    Today, Timothy does indeed preach the Word of God. He works in prison ministries, in hospitals, and helps his father with his work in the Philippines. He also makes headlines quite a bit for his prowess on the football field for you see, the son Pam and Bob dedicated to God over 20 years ago carries the last name of Tebow, star quarterback for the University of Florida and Heisman Trophy winner.

    Of course, most of you know Tim’s story in the world of professional football, having been signed to Broncos, Jets, and the Patriots who released him from his contract in April of this year. As always, the young Christian was as gracious in defeat as he has always been in success. He thanked the team for giving him a chance and then went on to give God the glory for it all, touching many, many lives in the process.

    And…to think…doctors wanted to abort Tim Tebow. What a thought.

    *My thank you goes out to Diana Hilliard for reminding me of this story!

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