When The Bullies Were From Comanche

Coach Bert Speed

Coach Bert Speed

They’ve been called bullies and worse in the little town of Aledo, Texas, where their high school football team has racked up more state championships in the past few years than most schools see in a century. However, when Stewart Caffey sent me the info recorded here, he wasn’t talking about the Aledo Bearcats. No, Stewart meant none other than the Comanche Indians!

The year was 1920 and it was a Saturday afternoon when the team from Hamilton Bulldogs took the field with the Indians at “the football grounds,” and before the last whistle blew, the Indians had possibly put more points on the board than any other team in history.

The first quarter ended with the Indians on top by 34-0. Beginning in the second quarter, Coach Speed removed all of his starters except for Reese and Montgomery, substituting with second stringers Couch, Anthony Scurry, Hamilton, Woodward, T.R. Moore, Stewart, Boyd, and Frank Mayes, and still the Indians continued to score.

By the end of the 3rd quarter, the Indians were ahead by 80-0, and the coach decided that he might as well put the first team back into the game.  The first string scored another 90 points in the final period of play, and I can’t think of a thing to say except “Bless their hearts!”

The 1920 Team

The 1920 Team

Number of TDs Scored By Each:

Gill, 9

Reese, 7

Martin, 3

Morgan, 3

Ward, 1

Kirby, 1

Hamilton, 1

Apparently, the boys made 20 of their extra points, thus the score of 170-0, and a huge thank you goes out to Stewart Caffey for thinking of us!  BUT…that’s not all that happened to this 1920 team.  After reading the info from Stewart, I did a little research of my own. What I found was a little amazing, to say the least.

The Indians found themselves in a bit of a pickle after such a win against the Bulldogs because teams began cancelling their matchups against the boys from Comanche. So what did they do? The Indians matched themselves against the team from Dallas Oak Cliff, and beat them. Then they played the boys from Weatherford and put a world of hurt on them with a score of 49-0!

The following is from the 1921 CHS annual.



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