Who Was General Granbury Of Granbury, Texas?

War Truly Is Hell, Isn’t It?

Hiram B. Granbury

Hiram B. Granbury

There’s always a reason why a town bears  a certain name, a name that sets it apart from all of the other Texas  towns scattered across the state. The picturesque little town of Granbury, Texas is no different, its namesake an admired Confederate general.

Hiram B. Granbury (Grandberry) was the commander of what was called Granbury’s Texas Brigade although he was a Mississippian by birth, not moving to Texas until some time after 1850. Apparently, he made a mark for himself soon after arriving in Texas because he served as the Chief Justice of McLennan County from 1856-1858.

Then…it was war, and Texas voted to leave the Union, joining with the others who banded together in a loosely structured confederacy of states. Granbury became a general in the Confederate Army, and he joined his brigade with General John B. Hood when Hood invaded Tennessee.

Through the years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about both of these Texans as I’ve walked the battlefields of Franklin, Tennessee, the place that saw more officers killed (11-30-1864) than did any other battlefield of the war. General Hiram B. Granbury was one of those killed, joining over 1,700 other Confederate soldiers who were killed at Franklin, one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

 Captain Samuel T. Foster of Granbury’s Brigade wrote, “Our Brigd and the Ark. Brigade are so badly cut up that we can’t move. Some officers have no men and some men have no officers- so we have to reorganize and consolidate, a Captain has to command the Brigade…it can’t be called anything else but cold blooded Murder…”

And as an aside, the town of Cleburne, Texas lost its namesake in the Battle of Franklin as well…

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