• Why Does Dublin’s Miles Gilman Work So Hard?

    MILES GILMANMiles Gilman interests me; he has since the first time I began hearing his name in Dublin, Texas. Why? I’m not even sure. Maybe it’s because he was only 30 when he first opened the doors on the wildly successful Dublin restaurant, Granny Clark’s. And maybe it’s because I truly admire the work ethic that is so obviously engrained in the energetic young man.

    Whatever the reason, I finally decided to sit down with Miles and ask him just how it is that he came to be a man who works so hard in a day when most are more interested in playing. What made him decide to open a restaurant and then what possessed him to open his realty business, Miles Gilman Properties, in Stephenville?

    So, on this beautiful July day, Miles and I sat down over a glass of Granny Clark’s sweet tea and talked about just what it is that makes him tick and what it is that he hopes to gain out of the life he has built for himself, his wife, Sara, and children Jaisa (16), Kyson (7), Myla (2), and Nolan (9 months).

    Of course, as with all of us, Miles has a story.

    Miles was a typical kid growing up in Dublin, Texas with his parents, Brenda and Frank Gilman. He had no siblings, and he was very close to his parents…and then tragedy struck.

    Frank passed away while Miles was still in high school, and as you might imagine, the teen was devastated.

    Life seemed to get better for Miles after he went to college, and then he was dealt another devastating personal blow that reset his career path from teaching to business.

    After he graduated from Tarleton University, Miles and Brenda decided to open a restaurant in Dublin, a restaurant that was his dream: a homestyle restaurant, not a “fancy” place, but a place that felt like home, with high quality, yet affordable food. Miles and Brenda named the place Granny Clark’s after Brenda’s mother and Miles’ grandmother….Granny Clark, the best cook they knew.

    It was tough, with the usual setbacks at first, but that is the way it is with any business, right?

    And then, just as the restaurant was getting on its feet, there was a painful divorce and readjustments…but finally Granny Clark’s really began to take off.

    It was at this point that I stopped the dialog because I could see that we had not begun to answer my initial question. How is it that Miles Gilman came to own not one, but two successful businesses? Apparently that was a bit of an accident. 

    When he began to look for a house to buy, Miles Gilman fell in love with the whole process: the looking at property, the possibilities that each piece of property held, the visiting with realtors and owners…the whole thing. Apparently he LOVED everything about the process, down to dreaming about what could be, and thus a new venture was born.

    Yes, right in the middle of building a restaurant that was gaining more success by the day, Miles Gilman decided to take classes geared toward becoming a realtor, and by 2007, Miles Gilman was indeed a full-fledged realtor,

    Today, Miles is a broker himself with an office under construction on the southwest end of Granny Clark’s, and I’m not sure that I’ve answered my question but then, I’m not sure that any of us who work and love to work know why we are that way, do we? Miles Gilman of Dublin, Texas is no different.

    “I wanted to combine both of my interests into one lifetime; I wanted my cake, my pie, and my ice cream and I wanted to eat it all…so I did!”

    Gilman Properties
    213 North Patrick Street
    Dublin, Texas
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