• Why We “Lynch” Them – Who Knew?

    Are you like me? I say things for years and years before it dawns on me to wonder WHY? I recently heard someone say that we should “lynch” a kidnapper, and it hit me. Why do we say lynch, and is it a southern word as so many are?

    In studying our history, I see it so often. “They lynched him.”  “They formed a lynch mob.” Okay, but what is a lynch?

    Soooo….I did a little studying, and the results were very interesting, taking me all the way back to the American Revolution when Lynch’s law first began.


    According to the official website “Colonel Lynch began his career in politics in 1766 when he was chosen one of Bedford County’s Justices of Peace. In Colonial times, the Justice of Peace, who was appointed by the governor, supervised the county. He tried persons accused of crimes, settled disputes over property, recorded and executed wills, and set prices for services and products where a public interest was involved.”

    What I did not find on the official website was what I found everywhere else. The judge was apparently a hanging judge, so to speak. In fact, Lynch sent so many to the gallows that the term was coined….he was Lynched…and that eventually became lynched.

    Who knew?

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