• Will You Have Prostate, Breast, Or Ovarian Cancer?



    It seems that we are FINALLY making progress on saliva testing that could tell patients if they are a high risk for developing either prostate, breast, or ovarian cancer. In fact, according to the Cambridge News, Cambridge scientists hope to have a genetic test ready within the next five years.

    The possibility of this testing comes after at least four years of genetic analysis by more than 1,000  scientists, and the possibilities are exciting for doctors and patients alike!

    Dr Harpal Kumar, chief executive of Cancer Research UK said, “…by understanding why some people seem to be at greater risk of developing cancer we can look towards an era where we can identify them and take steps to reduce their chances of getting cancer or pick up the disease at its earliest stages.”

    Obviously, those found to be at risk for either of these three cancers would then be monitored to hopefully prevent the disease or at the very least, to catch it in the initial stages where a cure rate is highest.

    All in all, this is unbelievable progress!

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