William Francis Durham & Narcissus Anne Redwine

William Francis Durham is the subject of this article, and it was not until I was preparing it that I realized that I had totally overlooked a piece of info, the Green connection that I am very suspicious is one of my lines, whether directly or indirectly.

William Francis Durham was born in Walnut Grove, Alabama in 1860. His father, whom many on Ancestry list as Dison Stephens Durham died in service to the Confederacy.

Back:  Henry, Ruby, Harvey, Walter, Evie, Lilian Front:  Bill, W.F., Nugent (Middle) Jake, Narcissus Anne, Lou Durham

Back: Henry, Ruby, Harvey, Walter, Evie, Lilian
Front: Bill, W.F., Nugent (Middle) Jake, Narcissus Anne, Lou Durham

His mother, Molly (Green) Durham, and her family moved to Comanche, Texas, when W.F. was four years old. The Greens moved to Arkansas a year later “on account of sickness and wild Indians,” but Molly and her son remained in Comanche. Molly married L.T. Coker in 1867, and she lived in Comanche until her death in 1921.

William Francis Durham married Narcissus Anne Redwine in Comanche in 1882. Narcissus was born in 1865 in Russellville, Alabama. Her father was John Asbury Redwine, who moved to Comanche when Narcissus was just a child.

W.F. Durham supported his family of ten children by hauling lumber and household supplies to Comanche from the nearest railroad stations in Waco and Fort Worth. He was also a cotton trader and hauled cotton from Comanche to the same railroad stations.

Several Comanche businesses were established by Durham sons and grandsons: Durham Grocery, Durham Shelling Company, Durham Pharmacy, Durham Drug Products, and Durham Dry Cleaners. Durham Pecan is still in operation and one of the county’s largest employers.

William Francis Durham died in Comanche, Texas in 1932. Narcissus Anne (Redwine) Durham followed her husband in death in 1942.

Nine of the Durham’s ten children are buried in Comanche County: Walter Durham, Henry Durham, Nugent Durham, Harvey Durham, Ruby (Durham) Barton, Lucille (Durham) Kimble, Lillian Durham, William Durham, and L.C. Durham.

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