• WOW Them With A Black Eyed Pea Salad Presentation!

    If you need something fast and easy that looks really good, this is it! (I just wish my photos really showed it.)


    Sometimes it’s just all about the presentation, isn’t it? You don’t have a lot of time, but you want to serve something that will catch people’s attention, right? This black eyed pea salad definitely has the presentation factor BUT the good thing about it is that it also has the delicious taste to go with it, AND it is so easy!

    There are many different ways to make it, but the following is one that we really enjoy.

    Of course, you know that here in the South, we were  reduced to eating peas during the Civil War. The practice caught on, and today we all love our black eyed peas so I actually cooked a pot because (being from Texas) we like them highly seasoned. However, you can certainly use the canned peas.


    If you are making several individual salads, just line your containers up and do them assembly line style.

    Layer accordingly.

    1. Peas

    2. Chunky Salsa- You really need to take the time to drain off any juice for the prettiest look. I didn’t have a lot of time on this day, and you can see that I let my salsa juice run a bit.

    3. Peas

    4. I chose to use a deliciously seasoned corn salsa next.

    5. Chopped bell pepper- I used green because they were a dollar cheaper than the red!

    6. Corn Salsa

    7. Peas

    Both of these should be available in your area. You might have another red salsa you prefer, but I have not found a better corn.

    Both of these should be available in your area. You might have another red salsa you prefer, but I have not found a better corn.

    I did a bit of a garnish with a few more pieces of bell pepper, a dob of sour cream, and a bit of salsa…an artist, I am not and you cannot tell from my photos, but these really did turn out very pretty and took me about 10 minutes to assemble.

    You can make ahead to this point and refrigerate if you want your salad to be served cold instead of room temperature.

    BLACK-EYED PEA SALAD Just before serving, drizzle some Italian dressing over the top, or I make what we think is a very good oil and vinegar dressing and it is good as well.

    A lot will depend on how seasoned your ingredients are, but if you are from Texas, I feel sure you will want the extra kick a bit of dressing will give the salad.

    Don’t be fooled because I put these into fairly formal glassware. That was just what I happened to use today. Every dollar store in the country has something you can use very inexpensively.

    I’ve used clear hot chocolate mugs for informal parties, and if you want throw away, these can also be made to look very pretty in the clear plastic punch cups!

    AND….if you want to take this to an event or do not want to serve individual salads, you can always make one large salad in a clear bowl or trifle. This actually makes the prettiest salad because you can make your layers thicker which gives more color. However, that pretty will dissolve quickly as people help themselves to your bowl!

    About Fredda Jones

    Fredda Davis Jones was raised “in the country” in Comanche County and learned very early that creativity and innovation are traits that can flourish even in small-town Texas and that with enough effort, indeed nothing is impossible, including being married to the same man for over 40 years! Rickey and Fredda have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and a crazy life that includes sitting in the bleachers several times a week. The rest of her time is spent creating great content for texansunited.com and marketing small-town Texas.
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