You Need To Know Aaron Copeland!!

Sometimes I just wish I had the talent some Texas Music Artist have in their little pinkies!! I can’t carry a tune in a paper bag, regardless I still love music and go to shows seeking out the fresh new talent on the scene.  Last week I went to a show and got to meet the very talented singer/songwriter, Aaron Copeland (not to be confused with the 1930’s composer Aaron Copland), and boy oh boy did I have fun!! AC3
Now I did say fresh new talent, but Aaron Copeland, known as AC in Texas Music, is only new because he has finally decided to branch out on his own and let the Texas fans know exactly who he is.

AC grew up in the music world with a father who traveled and played with the great Joe Diffie.  AC’s father always made music fun for the family taking them to the V.F.W. on the weekends to perform.  By listening to AC’s music, one can tell he was definitely influenced by some of the music greats.AC2

At the age of 20, playing guitar, piano, drums and singing harmony vocals grabbed him a position with Texas stand out Casey Donahew.  He played six years with Casey Donahew and then moved on to become a member of Sam Riggs and the Night People. AC has shared the stage with many of the greats such as Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers and many more.  AC enjoyed every moment performing with Casey Donahew and Sam Riggs,  and credits them with showing him the ropes while touring.

Aaron Copeland has just released his very first single “Going Out Tonight” and on the Texas Regional charts it is already at number 75.  There are 1000’s of songs released on a ACdaily basis and when just starting off and you are already there; then there is no where to go but up!!! At the end of June, AC plans on releasing his entire EP of songs that he wrote.

As always, we at Texas Music Chat are all about connecting the bands with the fans, so while I was at the show I asked a couple of fans what questions they had for AC.

TMC Fan:  Who are your music heroes?
AC:  Oh there are way to many to name, definitely Keith Whitley.  Also, Ronnie Milsap, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams Sr and Merle Haggard.

TMC Fan: How many guys do you have in the band and who are they?
AC: I lucked up when it came to putting together a band. My guys are very talented. Jake Mears plays the guitar, Seth Wison is on Bass and Jacob Williams plays the drums.

TMC Fan: I know you guys travel alot, where is your favorite place to eat?
AC: For the most part the band and me try to eat healthy, but there is nothing like playing a show and getting out at 2 am in the morning and heading straight to Whataburger and getting the #20!

Me, The Mouth From the South, has become an instant fan of AC.  I asked him what he wanted the fans to know about his music and very humbly he replied, ” I just want them to enjoy the music.  Tap their feet, get their wiggle on, and sing along.  I love what I do and I do it for the fans, so them having a good time is what gets me going.”

You can listen to Aaron Copeland’s new single “Going Out Tonight”  at and if you just love it like I do, you can purchase it on iTunes.  Make sure you spell it right, Aaron Copeland!! For more info like tour dates and new music visit

Follow AC on twitter @aaronc21 or on Facebook Aaron Copeland and ask him a question or just let him know what you think of his new single.  I am more than sure he will answer you back!!!

Love Peace and Bacon Grease Y’all ~ Sonya


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