Your Gym-Meet Audra!

75201_307464835996495_1751272304_nThere’s a new face at Your Gym in Comanche. Meet Audra Littou! This girl comes with some serious drive to motivate you to get up and moving.

Audra has always been physically active in some way. Growing up she played sports and went to college at Glendale Community in Phoenix, AZ and then Metropolitan State in Denver, CO on a volleyball scholarship. When asked her hobbies she said “You name it, and I have tried it.” That includes everything from skiing to beach volleyball!

 Audra came to the Comanche area in 2013 and began work at Your Gym in January. Stop by for for a free fitness assessment, a tour of the gym or just to say hi to Audra.


The For those of you interested in group classes, there’s one available almost every day of the week. Class times are: M,W, F at noon, T, Th at 8:00am, or M, T, Th at 4:30.

audra110 N. Austin
Comanche, TX 76442

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One Response to Your Gym-Meet Audra!

  1. Brian Watd says:

    Audra and I have some positive history. She has taught me what matters through extraordinary circumstances, and the how and why it is really important. Only her and I need to know why that matters, but it does!

    She knows what she is doing! If you want any change in life, diet, workout, Audra will advise you and take you under her wing! No quitting though. She’s a soft and sweet girl on the exterior, but she’s hardcore, experienced professional on the interior. She rocks, and so will you!

    Brian Ward

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