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The Narrows

The Narrows is a canyon located in the northwest part of Comanche County, approximately 1.5 miles north of Beattie. Extending about 1.5 miles (Published works are often incorrect on this.) in length, the canyon is full of caves, dark holes, and boulders.


One of The Narrows’ most unique features is the “Dripping Springs” canyon, a box canyon that has water dripping from moss-covered overhead rocks. This water is known to have dripped for well over 100 years (and probably much longer) and flows toward a small spring-fed creek that eventually flows into Copperas Creek that extends west through the main canyon.

Near the mouth of the box canyon is located the “Needle’s Eye.” This is a narrow slot that probably formed when two huge boulders cracked open, leaving enough room for a person to climb between the two pieces. A natural stairway reaches upward several feet to a huge group of boulders that allow a beautiful view of the canyon below.

“Cathedral Rock” is a huge boulder that rests on pinnacles and forms a tabernacle-like area almost tall enough to stand beneath. The area is large enough that several people may sit inside beneath the boulder.

The Narrows include house-size boulders and canyon walls that stand sixty feet in height and provide habitat for barn owls. The area has been visited since the 1800’s, and proof of this can be found in the names and dates that can be found along the way. During the 1900’s, the area was a favorite gathering place for school and church picnics.

Like Round Mountain, the Narrows are privately owned today. At time there are group tours planned, but these are limited. For more information, contact us here at

Thanks to Cliff Conway for the above information.