Dublin Rotary Club Posts U.S. Flags

John Underwood-Memorial Day In Dublin

Many  good deeds are done by the Dublin Rotary Club—they do so much to keep the community running smoothly.

One of their fundraisers, but it really is a service to Dublin, is putting out the U.S. Flags on Flag Day, Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Presidents’ Day, and when Dublin has special occasions like our St. Patrick’s Day  and last weekend’s Dublin Bottling Works Birthday Celebration.

Last September when a young soldier’s funeral procession was passing through Dublin on the way to his final resting place, the flags lined the streets as did our people to honor this young man.

Homeowners and businesses participate in the flags and it always makes my heart  feel so proud to drive down Patrick Streetwhen all the flags are flying.  Actually there are flags all over town in front of houses and churches as well as downtown.

As a Baby Boomer, the flag always reminds me of my dad whose WW II service influenced our lives growing up; many of the “greatest generation” did pass on the spirit of patriotism and enormous honor for the flag and what it represents.

There are several flags on our own block and the picture posted here is my neighbor and U.S. Navy veteran, John Underwood.  This picture was taken on Memorial Day.

I digress from the original subject of the Rotarians, but this service they provide with the flags really does so much to enhance our community, remind us as individuals how fortunate we are to have this wonderful flag, and what a statement they make not only to those of us who live here, but to the people who pass through Dublin about what our community stands for!

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