Quarterfinal Round Playoff Pairings


Class 3A Division I

Stephenville Yellowjackets (10-1) vs. Wichita Falls Hirschi Huskies (7-4) Friday 7:30 Northwest ISD Stadium in Justin

Huskies have had a good year but it will be time for them to pump up the basketballs after Friday night. It will be awhile before the Yellowjackets are finished and that might be standing on the floor of AT&T stadium with another trophy in their hands. Stephenville has too much tradition and playoff savvy to let this one get away.

Stephenville 63 Springtown 21    Congratulations Yellowjackets…………….vs. Big Spring Steers  at Wylie next Friday

Stephenville 47 Big Spring 36   Congratulations Yellowjackets………………..vs. Lubbock Cooper Monday December 9  7:30 at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene


Wylie Bulldogs (8-3) vs. Lubbock Cooper Pirates  (9-2) Friday 7:30  in Wichita Falls

Lubbock Cooper 35 Wylie 25…………..Thanks for a great year Bulldogs.

The only thing that I don’t understand about this game is the location! Well yes I do, there are so many playoff games and so few stadiums in between Lubbock and Abilene that would hold this crowd that they surely had no other choice. My bet is on the Bulldogs who always seem to have another gear this time of the year.

Class 3A Division II

Glen Rose Tigers (5-5) vs Graham Steers  (11-0) Friday 7:00 in Mineral Wells

Great game for Glen Rose last week as they upended Llano. Unfortunately they run into a buzz saw this week. Those Graham Steers haven’t been kidding around this year. They surely have visions of AT&T Stadium dancing in their heads. Tigers have really come on late but this will just be more than they can handle this time around.

Graham 34 Glen Rose 0………..Thanks for a great year Tigers

Class 2A Division I

Clyde Bulldogs (8-3) vs. Bushland Falcons (9-2) Friday 7:00 Jones Stadium in Lubbock

I would love to see the Bulldogs advance one more time but Bushland has been scoring in bunches late in the season. They have built quite a tradition up on the Golden Spread and I don’t think it will be over for them Friday. Clyde will need to be able to put the brakes on them and I’m just not sure they can do that this season.

Bushland 36 Clyde 14…………..Thanks for a great year Bulldogs

Eastland Mavericks ( 11-0) vs. Littlefield Wildcats (7-4) Friday 7:00 in Snyder

Mercy: I think the cardiac Mavs will be at it once again against the Wildcats. I believe in Coach Hulett and his staff to figure this one out. I also don’t know many players in AA football around the state whose hands I would rather put the pigskin in to win than those of Josh Moylan. Eastland just knows how to get it done and I believe they are playing with a purpose.

Eastland 40 Littlefield 0: Congratulations Mavericks  vs Bangs Dragons Monday 7:00 P.M. December 2nd, at Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood.

Eastland 49 Bangs 23:………………. Congratulations Mavericks vs. Wall Hawks Saturday 6:00 P.M. December 7 at Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood

Bangs Dragons ( 8-3) vs Denver City Mustangs (11-0) Monday  7:30 in Sweetwater

The Dragon’s bell cow is J.T. Newton and he always knows where the marker is and how to get there. If he can’t he puts it in the hands of his backfield buddy Jake Gravelle. Bangs will, however, be up against a very tough far West Texas team in the Denver City Mustangs. Under the direction of former Spur Bulldog, Steve Taylor, the Mustangs have ripped through their schedule with avengance. But I’m going to give the nod to the Dragons and I’m doing that on strength of schedule and a continued improvement by this team.

Bangs 27 Denver City 25: Congratulations Dragons vs Eastland Monday 7:00 P.M. December 2nd at Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood. 

Eastland 49 Bangs 23……………..Thanks for a great year Dragons. 

Class 2A Division II

Cisco Loboes (11-0) vs Spearman Lynx (9-2) Friday 8:00 Lowery Field in Lubbock

Cisco is unbelievable in the fashion that they continue to roll up lopsided victories. One of these days the challenge will come but I don’t believe the Lynx have it in their arsenal to be the ones to slow them down. Mother Nature might play a hand in this one somewhat because Spearman will be coming down from cold country to play in the cold weather whereas the Loboes will need to adjust a little more. But it will take more than weather to stop the boys from Big Dam Country.

Cisco 37  Spearman 6 Congratulations Loboes vs. Abernathy  Antelopes Friday 2:00 P.M. in Snyder

Cisco 41 Abernathy 14 …………………Congratulations Loboes vs. Canadian Wildcats Saturday 2:00 P.M. at Frenship High School In Wolfforth

1A Division I

Goldthwaite Eagles (6-4) vs. Simms Bowie Pirates (7-4) Friday 7:30 in Ferris

Goldthwaite should be plenty rested and hopefully not rusted after a two week layoff due to an open date in the last date of the regular season and a bye last week in the first round of the playoffs. I don’t believe it will matter as they are going to have too much game for the Pirates. Get ready as the Eagles make yet another deep playoff run.

Goldthwaite 32 Simms Bowie 6  Congratulations Eagles  vs. DeLeon Friday 7:30 Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood

Goldthwaite 14 DeLeon 13 ……………….. Congratulations Eagles vs. Hico Tigers Saturday December 7   2:00 P.M. at Waco Robinson High School

DeLeon Bearcats (8-3) vs. Lindsay Knights (5-5) 7:30 Friday in Aledo

My bet is that the Bearcats are about to stir some memories of days gone by as they awake the ghosts of the Days of Glory in DeLeon. Lindsay may surprise me but with an 0-5 start and then a sudden win streak of five in a row I am going to believe that they may have played in a soft district. The Bearcats did not play in a soft district and fought down to the wire. It will pay big dividends this Friday as they head for round three of the postseason.

DeLeon 14 Lindsay 7  Congratulations Bearcats  vs. Goldthwaite Eagles  Friday 7:30 Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood

Goldthwaite 14  DeLeon 13……………….Thanks for a great year Bearcats. 

Hico Tigers (10-1) vs Quinlan Boles Hornets ( 9-1) 7:30 Friday in Burleson

I still say that Hico is one of the best one loss teams in the state in Class A. These kids get it done in several different ways every week. That rushing attack is lethal and hopefully the Tigers are far from done.

Hico 32 Quinlan Boles 7 Congratulations Tigers vs. Collinsville Pirates 7:30 Friday in Springtown

Hico 54 Collinsville 14 ………… Congratulations Tigers vs. Goldthwaite Eagles Saturday December 7   at 2:00 P.M. at Waco Robinson High School

Class 1A Division II

Albany Lions (10-0) vs. McCamey Badgers (4-7) 7:30 Friday in Colorado City

Albany 32 McCamey 0 vs.Iraan 7:30 Friday in Big Spring

Albany 24 Iraan 21  Congratulations Lions vs. Muenster Hornets Monday December 9 TBA

The Lions had a week off to get over a last second victory in Hamlin in the final week of the regular season. McCamey has struggled with some teams that common opponents of Albany’s has whipped up on pretty good so naturally my bet is on the playoff veterans from Albany. The Lions just need to gear up for the next round after putting this one away, of course.

Six Man Division I

May Tigers (11-0) vs. Blum Bobcats (11-0) Friday in Hamilton

The Tigers have had some kind of a season here in Central Texas. They have risen up and conquered every Friday night. This week will be the biggest challenge of the season for May as they take on an undefeated Blum team that has scored almost at will through most of the season. They have been crushing opponents.This will be tough for the Tigers and it sure looks difficult to me but as I said they have risen up every time this year. But Blum is probably going to be the favorite here because of their offensive might.

May 66 Blum 35  Congratulations Tigers………….vs. Savoy Cardinals Saturday 7:30 in Springtown

May 46 Savoy 0 Congratulations Tigers ……………vs. Abbott Panthers Saturday December 7  7:30 P.M. in Hico 

Gordon Longhorns (7-4) vs. Savoy Cardinals (7-3) 7:30 Thursday in Springtown

Those Gordon Longhorns have come on in a flurry over the past month. Just when I thought they might be on the ropes they delivered the comeback punch and have gotten themselves right back in the thick of things. I know that they are in the second round where the competition begins to pick up but I believe in Gordon.

Savoy 22 Gordon 6……..Thanks for a great year Longhorns. 

Six Man Division II

Strawn Greyhounds (9-2) vs. Jayton Jaybirds (9-2) 7:30 Friday in Trent

Once upon a time in my coaching career I used to do battle with those Jayton Jaybirds and when I was a kid I had to play against them. As a player I never tasted victory against them except a couple of times in junior high, so I can only remember them as a tough win anytime. And that is the way it will be for Strawn but just because of the tradition that the Greyhounds have built over the past decade or so, I believe that they will advance to the next round. Those kids from Strawn know how to play football!

Strawn 52 Jaybirds 6 vs. Newcastle Friday 7:00 in Mineral Wells 

Richland Springs Coyotes (9-1) vs. Calvert Trojans (9-1) 4:00 Saturday in Hico

I would hate to know that I had one penny riding on the outcome of this game. It looks to be a toss-up to me. But with that said, I have to remind myself of just how often the Coyotes have been in a big game in the postseason the last few years and came out the winner. They have that ever so elusive swagger that it takes to win this time of the year. So come on Coyotes and make me right because I think you will be playing while still full of Thanksgiving turkey.

Calvert 43 Richland Springs 28……………..Thanks for a great year Coyotes.

Blanket Tigers (8-3) vs. Milford Bulldogs (9-2) TBA

Oh how I want the Tigers to play on. These kids have been on the edge of elimination several times and just kept fighting. They have a spirit that I truly admire but it will be so difficult against Milford. But let’s hope the Tigers have the fight remaining that shuns elimination one more time. Good luck to the Tigers.

Milford 78 Blanket 42………………Thanks for a great year Tigers




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