Stacy Dudley

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Although Stacy Harvick Dudley is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and a veteran of the marketing and promotion industry, her roots have always remained both small town and Texas.

Stacy is experienced in marketing and promoting everything from music, to photography, to horse training clinics, to nationally branded meat products.

Having grown up watching her family’s business, Gore Bros. Inc., grow from a small dairy/feed business into one of the most successful agriculture businesses in Texas, Stacy has learned just how important it is for a business to create and share its vision.

Stacy returned to Texas in 2008 and immediately began thinking about how small businesses in rural Texas towns could benefit from collaborative marketing and promotion. Stacy teamed with Fredda and together they founded, a place for businesses to join forces and become a destination worthy of a planned day trip, a place where not only businesses could work together but towns and communities could pull together to find common ground.  Because as you know, there is an opportunity to achieve if we are working together.